How Varied Urn Styles?

The Distinct Shapes And Sizes

Bencharongware is a unique style of pottery to Thailand which was used exclusively by Royal Officials. There are numerous and varied styles. The smaller of these was used for face powders, perfume oils and cosmetics. Due to the intricate nature of these containers they were proudly displayed in dressing rooms. They were also used as containers for betel leaves, spices and the larger containers were used to store herbal medicines. The reason being that porcelain was believed to contain magical curative powers. The taller/ larger shapes and sizes were used to contain food, water, and cremation ashes.

The shape of the Bencharong jars/ urns is analogous to the human body, i.e. each is related to the other in that from top to base, represent: mouth, lips, neck, shoulders, waist, body and feet. Also, the difference between a cover or a lid of the urn is often misunderstood. They are separate pieces. The difference is that a cover is slightly larger or smaller than the body; whereas a lid is the same size as the body and fits snuggly.

The uniqueness of The Bencharong jars/ urns is the top of the cover which is often in the lotus bud shape. This lotus bud is always placed on the tiered bases called “Chatra“. The cover body is the dome shape. The urn vessel with high capacities is implied wishes of the fostering and sustaining with the exuberance of life and also the strong, stable and high pedestal base represent the glorification and compliment. Moreover, the fruit shapes with good meaning are also found in covered jars/ boxes/ urns.

Bencharong jars/ urns have been a family heirloom that was handled down through the generations following an ancient belief that all Siamese (Thais) from good families must inherit a piece of Chinese porcelain. Although the late 19th century, Thais have various pottery containers for daily use, the artistry Bencharongware is became more for the collector’s item and status symbol and also to use for important occasions in life as the cremation urns of the loved ones, which can be kept in the cemeteries or at home for remembrance and worship.

Because of the encouragement of eastern wishes and beliefs for the meaningful of blessings and good fortunes, the Bencharong urns in various shapes and sizes are extensively used. The hope and blessings would be received to those who has passed to heaven and family member will be happy in progressive life.

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* The lotus bud shape is same as the palms of hands placed together in obeisance as paying respect to honor worshippers which is called “Wai” in Thai. The lotus is also a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth and the iconography and spiritual history is rich and deep, a journey from a muddy seed to a glorious blossom offers the hope which means something beautiful can grow from suffering that will eventually bloom. The lotus is a token of perseverance and hope, a reminder to always trust in the unseen path that leads to the sun. Although cultures have their own interpretations of this daily process, there is a general consensus among ancient texts that it symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and rebirth. The lotus stunned people with its ability to dip into the grime and revive itself unscathed-an incredible daily cycle of life, death, and a sudden immaculate rebirth that can only be described as spiritual. It is no wonder the lotus is associated with such celestial symbolism-the flower simply defies logic.

* The Chatra is the royal tiered umbrella which represent the high ranking-position.

* The dome shape with same as a big tree shade called “LomPhoLomCai” which mean under the guard of embracing, maintaining, and preventing from adversity.