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How Varied Urn Styles?

The Distinct Shapes And Sizes

Bencharongware is a unique style of pottery to Thailand which was [...]

What Is Each Design Mean?

The Inspried Designs On Bencharong Urns

Not only has Thailand’s art and culture designs received inspiration [...]

How To Make Bencharong Urns?

The Steps Of Making Bencharong Urns

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What is Bencharong Urns?

The History Of Bencharong Urns

Bencharongware is a traditional style/ form of pottery from Thailand which [...]

Customer Reviews

We deeply appreciate the heartfelt feedback from our customers upon receiving their memorial tributes.

Thank you for choosing UniqueUrn to honor and remember your loved ones.

I encountered various ancient urns spanning millennia when I was a curator at the museum. Their urns can correlate to the museum exhibits, yet they develop contemporary twists through a seamless combination of Eastern met Western cultures. I decided to order an urn for my beloved sister. Its captivating shapes and vibrant colors caught my eye. Although she styles more conservatively, I added a name-tag necklace to hang on the urn. While the necklace feels a bit delicate, the overall presentation is striking. I’m thoroughly impressed and may even purchase another for myself soon.

Amelia P.

When I found myself at the trace of choices, contemplating the purchase of that exquisite vessel from UniqueUrn, I might have thought it was the finest urn for my beloved. But it was more than that. When the urn arrived safely and I carefully unwrapped it, I felt the unwavering dedication woven into this precious piece; a tribute to the most cherished person in my life and my family. It transcends mere material; it embodies eternal love.

Isla M. J.

As an art enthusiast and someone who deeply values craftsmanship, I’m genuinely intrigued by the exquisite urns they create. The intricate designs and thoughtful details truly resonate with me. My shipment was adeptly packed and reached me in a week. It is worth paying for the tribute art to celebrate the loved one’s life.

Alessandro F.

I don’t often purchase online, especially high-value goods. But due to a necessary situation, I recently lost my daughter, and a close friend recommended UniqueUrn to me. I found a special urn with an unusual vessel shape representing her unique personality. The Passionflower pattern, sweet and bright, resonated with her imagination and vitality. This angelic memento will always remind us of her. Despite the 10-day shipping time, the urn arrived safely. I highly recommend UniqueUrn to anyone seeking a truly unique and artistic memorial for their loved ones.

Christina A.

Fortunately, I was able to change the shorter urn than the one on my previous order because I had miscalculated the size of my father’s columbarium niche. Their customer service helped me to hold and cancel the original order and reorder the new urn I needed. Luckily, the urn arrived in London in time with grand workmanship by exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for the best service and the top product quality. Beyond five stars!

Paul H. J.

Unique urn, I lost my tiny girl Bubble, and the urns on offer by the vets were depressing. So I searched on and found your attractive website. I ordered a fancy keepsake urn that was well-packed and reached Amsterdam in 10 days. She is now resting in this angelic urn in my glass cabinet and every time I look at it, beautiful memories come up. Thanks for offering such unique products, 5 stars.

Pamela B.

I have never seen an urn this powerful before. It’s a handicraft from experienced artisans who take time to carefully draw the patterns. and they use bright colors in each spot until they blend perfectly. This makes the piece always attractive and captivating, so everyone who sees it must stop and inquire about its origins. The inspiration for both shapes and patterns comes from nature. Ordinary nature that creates extraordinary. It’s almost worth it as a tribute token of my heart to my dearest wife when she’d to leave me first. I carefully selected the urn with excellent service from experts. And it’s agreed to wait 8 weeks making. But when it arrived, I was astonished. It’s truly one-of-a-kind. I plan to order mine to put beside my wife shortly. See you UniqueUrn!

Langston W.

I was hesitant to make such an important buying online, but I took this chance because I was deeply researching them to make sure. They offer amazing products. Very detailed and looks better than on the website. It is worth an art urn which I thought could not be found here in France. I chatted a few questions with customer service who quickly responded to my satisfaction. The urn was delivered in around one week by safe packing. It came with the design story and the logo with 18 karat gold on the urn bottom. I recommend this shop is trustable.

Matteo L.

My husband recently passed on and I didn’t wish him in a simple metal urn. My daughter searched online and found UniqueUrn. After watching some info from their website and reading some reviews. We ordered the handmade covered urn on Tuesday, and the following Saturday it arrived carefully packaged. It’s a stunning piece of art and very pleased with my husband’s new unique home. Also, it’s a great support for artisans who are conserving on a conglomerate of art urn-making.

Camila J. P.

I am impressed with the Urn and stem plate set I ordered. In person, they transcend mere beauty and are truly stunning. The compliments and inquiries I’ve received about their origin are a testament to their uniqueness. Even the Funeral home staff, seasoned in handling urns, expressed awe. They hadn’t encountered anything quite like this before and were captivated by its beauty. They mentioned their intention to explore acquiring similar urns.

They aren’t just functional but also genuine works of art. I initially reached out via FB Messenger and, although the response was slightly delayed, they were helpful and provided excellent service. As for shipping, it exceeded my expectations, arriving in just 8 days in Michigan with impeccably packed.

Overall, my experience has been positive, and I wholeheartedly recommend UniqueUrn to others seeking exquisite and meaningful pieces.

Theodore R.

I had been looking for a long while for a suitable memorial mini urn for my little dog, Nicky and this was what I wanted to put on the lamp table beside my bed as she had ever slept with me every night. The urn arrived in Manchester in time and was very well packaged so it was undamaged. Thank you.

Annie L.

My mother and I were former customers whose Japanese guidebooks led us to their shop when we traveled to Bangkok. Their famous handworks are detailed and colorful, beautiful and valuable. This quality of handicrafts on porcelain at these reasonable prices cannot be found in Japan.

When I lost my mother, then I, my brother, and my sister ordered 3 heart shape keepsake urns to hold my mother’s ashes. To be the last place that we know our mother would have loved them. We think of her every time we see them. They are therefore the memorials and objects of worship for me and my family. I would recommend them to others, Five stars!

Wada T.

I bought a vase and urn from them after a thorough online search. The exquisite craftsmanship, evident in every detail, made these pieces truly special. Amidst mass-produced industrial urns, I cherished the intricate handmade designs. They became poignant symbols of my final tribute to my beloved mother.

UniqueUrn’s attentive approach from consultation to delivery impressed me. I encourage you to explore their website confidently. Let’s support local businesses that create unique artful pieces and conserve their works.

Jennifer A.

I am an art collector from around the world, I was so saddened when my beloved Molly Macaw died. I searched for a fancy urn and stumbled upon UniqueUrn’s IG, which led me to their website. What struck me was the wide unusually crafted products they offered.

I bought a fancy urn for Molly. Shortly after placing the order, I received an export confirmation message, allowing me to easily track its status. Despite the delivery delay due to customs, the urn arrived within 2 weeks. The craftsmanship exceeded my expectations. The intricate details were far more impressive than what I had seen on their website. I proudly displayed the urn in my living room, just as Molly used to welcome guests. It felt like a fitting tribute to our memory, and I believe I got my money’s worth.

Charlotte J.

Comparatively, their urns may have a higher price than regular ones in the market. However, if you seek something exceptionally special, just like my wife and I did, you won’t be able to resist the urns they offer. I believe it’s worth the money to receive a tile with a renowned reputation, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. The design, patterns, and vibrant colors are truly unique and carry profound meanings. I take pride in the urns and other products I’ve ordered; they make me feel like an art collector with exceptional pieces. We’ve already told our children that the large urn from UniqueUrn will be our final resting place together when we’re gone.

Alfie T. M.

As a Thai person who had previously encountered them but had never used their services, I recently needed a special urn. With confidence in the unique Thai craftsmanship and the profound meaning behind it, I reached out to them.

Their excellent service and cooperation ensured the urgent delivery of an urn for my great-grandma. During this time of loss, UniqueUrn’s unwavering support felt both perfect and honorable. The carefully packaged urn arrived swiftly, reflecting their dedication to timely delivery.

Their warmth and care made me feel I was at home in Thailand. I wholeheartedly convinced their fine art products and plan to use their services again. While I wish it weren’t under these circumstances, UniqueUrn remains highly recommended.

PS. You may be confused by the Thai Baht currency displayed on the website, but you can change and pay in USD. which might be more familiar.

Kritsana F.

The high-quality handmade piece discreetly serves its purpose while standing out aesthetically. Its pleasing design holds deep memories of our beloved dog and is a decorative piece also. Although it took some time to arrive and incurred additional shipping costs, the value compares favorably to the piece of art it represents. The ordering process was slightly confusing, but Google Translate bridged the language gap. Overall, I find UniqueUrn trustworthy and recommend their products.

Raphael A.

It’s never a good time when the need arises to purchase an urn, however, I chose the most craftsmanship elegant urn for my beloved grandpa. It represents our gratitude and condolences to him forever. I was impressed with the order confirmation and received the shipment tracking status. Trustworthy and quality shop.

Allan P.

In November 2022, during our trip to Thailand, my mother unexpectedly passed away. We decided to arrange her cremation in Bangkok and transport her ashes back to Poland. UniqueUrn staff provided invaluable assistance, offering a service akin to family, enthusiasm and understanding our situation, and supplying a beautifully crafted urn. This urn became a symbol of our journey to bring my mother home. Reflecting on the experience, it felt as though it was predestined for my mother to have such a beautiful resting place. The unforgettable journey and the exceptional service from UniqueUrn, our travel companion, left a lasting impression on us. They truly are a five-star social business.

Zuzanna M.

I discovered UniqueUrn while searching online for a special urn for my father. The unique and beautiful pictures on their Facebook caught my attention. As a first-time customer, I researched UniqueUrn to ensure its reliability and found no complaints. I reached out via email with some questions about their products and received helpful advice in response. Confidently, I placed an order, and within about 10 days, the urn arrived in New Jersey in beauty and perfect condition. The careful packaging demonstrated their understanding of its fragility.

I’m writing this letter to commend and support UniqueUrn’s dedication. Their products deserve five stars, and the shop is trustworthy.

Tommy F. J.

The exquisite urn at my friend’s mother’s funeral left me in awe, then my friend recommended their website. The beautiful and meaningful urns amazed me, and I learned about the stories behind each piece. My family and I chose navy blue for Dad and red for Mom, colors they loved.

Despite a slightly confusing online order process of pickup one by one in the cart, the USD payment by credit card was reliable. We received the urns in under 2 weeks with very safe packing.

UniqueUrn’s excellent products and services impressed us. Truly reliable standards!

Nancy J.

I appreciate their patience and support in ordering my custom urn. Although it took additional time to create, the wait was worthwhile. The team at UniqueUrn provided excellent options and craftsmanship that exceeded my expectations. The beauty of the urn left me stunned, and I’m truly satisfied with their sincere service. Their dedication and passion allowed me to experience museum-quality art. For fellow art enthusiasts, I’m highly convinced UniqueUrn to enhance your life.

Chris E.

As a returning customer from my time working in Bangkok 4 years ago, I recently found myself in need of a special urn after losing my beloved wife. I remembered their gallery, which offers unique and distinct urns beyond the usual options. Fortunately, I located their website and found valuable information on sizes and capacities to guide my purchase.

The urn was promptly shipped to me within just 9 days, albeit with a significant air freight charge. Thanks to their meticulous packing, the fragile tile remained undamaged upon arrival. UniqueUrn consistently maintains high standards of quality and exquisite craftsmanship. The impact of their work remains as powerful as ever, catching the eye of my friends who inquired about its origin. I am confident that my wife would have appreciated it greatly.

I express my gratitude to UniqueUrn for creating something so precious, allowing me to remember her and the wonderful times we shared in Thailand.

Oliver K.

It cannot meet the needs of anyone who is looking for a simple urn. For the last important occasion to be acknowledged as very special to the most dear one. I ordered the artistic urn that shows dedication and attention to detail, and I believe it honors my beloved father. It was packaged well but took over a week for delivery and clearance to reach Hamburg. Very good products and services should be supported.

Ludwig V.

The urn and matching oil burner were beautiful colors and detailed decoration. I believe my mom will always enjoy the aroma of this burner when I light it in remembrance of her. They arrived packaged neatly and safely for the trip across the country reached LA and were in perfect condition about a week after I placed the order. Very satisfied and happy to support local artisans.

Aurelia M.

I ordered one adult urn and 3 keepsakes in different designs. They arrived in 10 days with safe by very professional packing.

They are unique fine art. Everybody said they had never seen such stunning workmanship as these urns before and also the designs have good meaning under them.

I learned that art could honor the loved one who has passed on. Along with creating pride and also helping to heal the relatives.

Good products, very recommend!

Frederick W.

In July 2023, as a first-time online customer from the Netherlands, I decided to buy an urn from UniqeUrn. The urn is intended for the ashes of my mother, who loved the Thai decorative and sacred arts. Not knowing quite what to expect, I paid by credit card and was surprised to promptly receive a kind personal message confirming the receipt of the order and the payment. 

Only a week later the urn arrived in perfect condition, packaged three times around and my god how beautiful it is! The bottom says “18k” which must refer to the use of gold in the ornamentation. The urn has a sublime quality to it and is well worth the price. The urn’s interior is plain white porcelain and it comes with additional information and superglue to seal it if needed. 

Super smooth and kind service and outstanding quality product. Five stars.

Sander V. M.