How To Make Bencharong Urns?

The Steps Of Making Bencharong Urns

1.The whiteware building

The porcelain has to build by hands or molds then fired at 800° around 6 hours with skillful. The fired clay biscuit has to coat and re-firing at 1280° about 10-12 hours, so the baked clay biscuit finish in durable whiteware.

2.The line drawing

The whiteware has to drew the circular guidelines by brush on a turning wheel to separate space for each design section. After that has to drew the detail of each design by liquid gold which put in the syringe-pen. This drawing process requires high carefulness and skillfulness of the initial Thai pattern knowledge is drew crucial to how the design will look, so it is done by our craftsmen with the experience to create a masterpiece of product.

3.The color painting

The mineral colors are crushed and mixed with water, then painted by filling colors into each tiny cell between the golden lines that require the carefulness and exquisite workmanship from our artisans.

4.The border rolling

After the applied color finish, the piece has to roll the rim of the top and base with the gold color by brush to ensure the details.

5.The final firing

The piece has to final fired at 750-800° about 10 hours which have to continuing to take care of controlling the temperature over the night by professional craftsmen then the glaze becomes an enamel glass matrix that is resistant to scratching, fading, and permanent as well as the colors become bright, fresh, and charming.

These sophisticated process of Bencharong urns is needed skilled labor with known from only small communities of Thai artisans who have passed down the knowledge from generation to generation. With many years of our experience in this field, “UniqueUrn” has produced finest quality urns using exquisitely traditional hand-painting and firing techniques by the craftsmen with over 10 years of experience, so each piece of our cremation urns is glamorous and considered as the masterpiece urn for your loved ones.