Who is UniqueUrn?

About Our UniqueUrn

It is a pleasure to introduce our UniqueUrn to you that we have expanded our business to focus on the cremation urn market by open this site for offering the special and exquisite of art. Actually, UniqueUrn is a part of “SiamCeramicHandmade” which was established in 1966 as a family-owned company in Bangkok of Thailand that has provided the exquisitely hand-painted porcelain called Bencharongware. 

In 2001, our products were provided to the Mandarin Oriental hotel, Bangkok, and were also presented on their 125th and 130th-Anniversary cookbooks. In 2002, we were named and invited to present our business in the Thailand Opportunities magazine. We were recommended not only from the tourism authority of Thailand in 2005, but also from the Visa, Master, and JCB company on their shopping guides in many years. In 2008, The Phuket Encounter pocketbook from the Lonely Planet by Adam Skolnick has convinced our gallery too. Since 2016, we have been selected as the Asia’s Most Trusted Brand from International Brand Consulting Corporation (IBC) from USA. 

On our mission, we would like to share and conserve the wisdom of this heritage porcelain from Thailand that we started as an art producer. With over 50 years in this field, we gathered the finest artisans to use techniques developed from the 18th century to produce instant museum collectible-quality pieces, so we pride in providing the highest quality of master Bencharong urns which need our experienced and gifted artists to spend their workmanship in several days or weeks to complete, so these urns are still associated with royalty and held in high regard. Derive from their uniqueness and state of the high art design, so they are truly invaluable urns for the loved ones.

We assume a great majority of you who have found this site is finding a unique urn for your loved one or you have been recommended by a friend who has purchased pieces from us, so we are here to provide our exclusive cremation urns for serving and helping you gain some sense of closure during this hard time. As our goal, we wish into serving every customer satisfaction by offering our beautiful unique urns and accessories for each personal style.

The most importantly, if you have any questions, please contact us via email: info@UniqueUrn.com or call +66(0)26533729. We are willing into solving any problems and efforts to assist you in any way, so please bookmark and recommend us to whom they want.

Finally, we would like to thank you very much for your support and visit our site.