The cremation urns not only have many styles but also have various colors, so we offer you three options.

1.The color represents your loved one’s characteristic

As for color psychology, color can describe and refer to the personality and behavioral traits. If you know your beloved’s favorite color or their nature and style, so you might pick that color for them.

Was he/she a confident, warm, and energetic person? He/she might love yellow, orange, pink, or red. Our colors and designs in KT003, KL003, DM001, or PK005 would be nice selection. Was he/she a harmonizing, peaceful, and imaginative person? He/she might prefer green, blue or purple. Our colors and designs in KY001, PB001, or PK016 would be a match for his/her trait (get more info from the chart below).

You may refer the color from your loved one’s hobby, sport, or special experiences. If he/she liked summer and water sports, the blue or turquoise green would be a good choice, for example: PB002 or PK002 from our colors and designs. If he/she loved autumn and climbing, the yellow, orange, brown or red would match his/her trait as our CK003, DK005, PK009, or KL004

You can pick some colors to express your beloved’s personality which will make you console.

2.The color represents your feeling with your loved one

The relationship between you and your beloved can express by color shades and tones with your selection. If you feel serenity, stability, and sentimentality with your loved one, you might pick green, blue, or purple from the cooler tone as example: PK007, KL001, or DK006 in our colors and designs. 

If you feel energetic, warm, and passionate with your loved one, you might prefer red, orange, or yellow from the warmer tone as our colors and designs in PK005, KL003, or KT003.

If you feel simplicity and professionalism with your loved one, you might prefer black, gray, or white as our CK004, PB007, KN002, or KK003 (get more info from the chart below).

Or if you feel dashing, heartening, delightful, and joyful with your loved one, you might pick the multi-colors together in one piece as our LB001, BF001, DK002, PB005, TT001, or EL001.

You can pick some colors to express the feeling with your beloved to combine with other colors which represent your loved one’s characteristics.

3.The colors can be mixed and matched or contrasted with the surroundings of the resting place

When you know the final resting place, you may choose the main color of the urn which will be easy to incorporate with the surrounding deco, or in another way, you may choose the contrast color for the urn which will make it an attractive focal point of the room. Normally many colors combine in one place, so the way of mixing and matching from a few colors might be easier. 

After 2 or 3 colors are chosen, you can combine them in one piece as the major and minor color, then you can decide the best urn’s color and design for your loved one. 

The multi-colored enamels and exquisitely hand-painted details from Bencharong by our “UniqueUrn” collections… are answer and eye-catching.

The Psychology Color Chart Represents Personality Types