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What is Bencharong Urns?

The History Of Bencharong Urns

Bencharongware is a traditional style/ form of pottery from Thailand which consist of exquisitely hand-painted multi-colored enamels on a white porcelain base which originated from the Ming Dynasty China. The name “Bencharong” is derived from the Pali and Sanskrit words “Bencha” and “Rong”, literally meaning “Five Colors”. In China, the original hand-painted pieces were usually decorated in three colors but in Thailand, Bencharong has up to eight colors, sometimes more as red, yellow, white, black, blue, green with pink, purple, orange and brown have also been incorporated. The reason for this inconsistency meaning is uncertain but it may be that the number five is significant in Buddhism, which also signifies five elements of the nature; wood, fire, earth, metal, water and all of these elements, except metal, are used to making ceramics. Water mixed with earth produces clay and wood ignites making fire to harden clay. The colors are mineral over-glaze on polychromed white porcelain. The process of firing these exceptionally beautiful pieces takes up to 12 hours at a temperature between 750-800°. The finished result is a glass matrix enamel finish that resists fading, staining or scratching.