We would like to convince in five steps.

1.The final place consideration

Firstly, the family members should consider about the final resting place of the cremation urn of your loved one that you may be scatter the ashes, bury the urn, or place it at home or in the columbarium niche in a church.

If they want to place it at home or in a columbarium niche, not only the style, but also the dimensions of the urn will be important to consider.

2.The right size selection

The dimensions and capacity of the cremation urn have to be considered.

If you place the urn at home or in a columbarium niche, you should check the space (width x length x height) of the shelf or the niche before. After that, you will be able to select each urn with its dimensions for fit that space. 

The urn capacity is also important. The adult urns are standard size which should hold the ashes around 200-220 cubic inches (Each pound (lb.) of body weight will equals one cubic inch of cremains.: check on Urn Size Guide), then the medium urns are used for children (the child & infant urns) or when diving one adult’s ashes to several people. The keepsake urns are used for a portion amounts of ashes to be kept in remembrance or to transport to burying or scattering. The companion urns are Two-person-combined ashes urns which should hold the ashes around 400 cubic inches.

3.The urn style and material

Until today, the cremation urns have made of various materials as metal, wood, stone, ceramic/ porcelain, etc. and also have many of western style urns in the market, so mostly  people select them by based on a physical image that is they like or familiar and which is match to their loved ones.

If you are looking for the different options with unique fine art urns for your loved one, please check on our exquisite hand-painted porcelain urns which will be surprised you.

4.Make it memorable and exclusivity

Some special added details on the cremation urn will be remind you about your loved one and the personalization would be done by engraving with some texts about your loved one put directly on  the urn or put on a tagging name-plate which can be placed in front or worn around the neck of the urn, but you should be check with the time frame.

Also, the favorite things or color of your loved one would be express their personality.

5.Make it meaningful of wishes

Sometimes looking at the optimism that reaches a good future might give meaning and hope to be able to overstep the grief of lost.

“UniqueUrn” would like to present the beyond cremation urns for your loved one with additional the eastern hopes and beliefs which have represented by the way of life, art, culture and traditions as reflected on what are created unique styles, shapes, and exquisite designs/ patterns with all of the positive connotations and wishes. In order to the hope and blessing would be received to those who has passed to heaven and family will be happy in progressive life.